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Welcome to Ouma Oumi Pre-School !!!


“Reach For The Stars”

Our Story

The Pre-school has been in existence for over thirty years – and has been known as Ouma Oumi Pre-school for over two decades! The school is currently owned by – Ingrid de Koker, who is fulfilling her dreams and passion of making a difference in young ones’ lives!

Wondered where we got our unique name from? A previous owner, Naomi, was nicked-name Ouma Oumi by the children…and the rest is history!

Over the years the school has grown from strength to strength. We can currently accommodate up to 165 children ranging from babies to aftercare children.

The school is widely known for its outstanding service, high quality pre-school education and a very loving and caring environment.

Our Mission

To set the correct early foundation for your child / children to ensure they develop to their full potential later in their lives.

Our Services

Baby Class


3 Months to about 15 Months (until baby can walk strong)

Here we do baby massage, listen to music, stimulation of all senses, explore the outdoors and encourage to sit, crawl for as long as possible (crawling stimulate different areas of the brain that is important for future learning) and to walk.

Potty Class


15 Months to about 2 and half years

Here we focus to potty train our toddlers, introducing our theme based teaching through the development of all senses, enjoy our separate outdoor playground, singing, dancing, story reading, etc.

3, 4, 5 Year & Gr R Classes


In each of these classes we do age appropriate theme based teaching to ensure that each age group develops to their full potential so that they are ready for the next level and are eventually school-ready. Our program develops perceptual skills, fine and large motor skills.

Aftercare ~ Gr 1 to Gr 7


Our Aftercare Teachers assist with the day’s homework and monitor the correct completion thereof. During exam time (Gr 4 to Gr 7) they monitor that the kids are indeed studying and that they use their study time effectively. Our Aftercare includes balanced lunch, cold drink and afternoon snack. We also have “Friday Fun Days”.

Transport within a +/-6km radius from Ouma Oumi


From the child’s home to school / Ouma Oumi, from the school to Ouma Oumi and from Ouma Oumi to home.